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Welcome Pele

welcome pele

raging hot

deep down in my soul

come and crack me open

under this Red Moon

let the salty sea of change

lick my wounds

the storm only makes the tree roots stronger

deep down

there are tiny seeds

waiting to spring forth

through this black lava bed

~Tiffany Waddell, Feb. 2017

<artwork is “Pele” by Susan Seddon Boulet>


Featured: Happiness Is…

Happiness is:

Embracing change and living in the discomfort long enough to heal your wounds.

Opening your heart and welcoming new opportunities.

Softening after Life has given you a run for your money.

Trusting the messages from your inner cheerleader and the compliments from those who have your back, no matter what.

Believing you deserve greatness.

That crisp #sunglow that lights your path and whispers in your ear, “It’s time to shine.”